Van moyland joe

Edwin Slippery, played by Joe Van Moyland

Edwin Slippery is the youngest of the Slippery brothers. He is around 16 and is played by Joe Van Moyland.


He is intelligent and witty; he spends most of his time outwitting his family, specifically his dad, Paul. He is sex obsessed although he doesn't get a girlfriend until the last of the 6 episodes.

He is constantly told by Paul and Rory to go to school, but never appears to actually go. It is assumed he is an art student, as he often makes abstract and sexually suggestive sculptures, such as a sculpture called 'My Penis' in episode 1, and a strange scene made out of inflatable sex dolls in episode 2.


Edwin and his father don't argue as much as Paul does with the rest of his family; mostly because Paul spends his whole time completely exasperated and lost with his son's sex lives and since Edwin is the youngest and the one with the least sex life, he has a fondness for Edwin as he is the one he can rely upon to be bluntly honest.

Later on in the series, Edwin meets Woj, the two gorgeous Slippery girlfriend's cousin. Woj is a masculine, tough and blunt new addition to the Slippery family. Edwin is unimpressed at first and is nervous and awkward around her, despite his usual confidence and wit with any other person. Woj is equally disinterested. However, as time goes by, Edwin appears to grow more fond of Woj and on the last episode, they finally engage in a relationship.