Episode Guide
Episode No. Synopsis Guest Starring
1 Paul begins to hear people's thoughts, and a crisis of paranoia begins, including suspecting Estelle of lesbianism. Paul's patient Nobby becomes embroiled in a crisis after Pilfrey is left in charge of the surgery. An axe-wielding Rory seeks revenge on Daniel for sleeping with Rory's girlfriend, Laura. Edwin gets a mass delivery of fridges much to everyone's confusion.
2 Pilfrey has developed a worrying addiction to giving out dreptamysil, which Paul investigates, whilst trying to woo Estelle by making an erotic meal for two, but becomes most distressed when he finds her sharing a meal for two with Pilfrey. Laura's sister Lucy, Daniel's girlfriend, returns from Thailand and Daniel finds himself in an awkward situation. Rory starts a new job at a homeless shelter. Paul adopts a Dutch alter-ego to deal with Mr Proek, Lucy and Laura's father. Edwin gets a mass delivery of sex toys, much to Paul's bemusement. Stephen Fry
3 Estelle is badgered by a smitten Pilfrey for a breakfast meeting. Paul finds out about Pilfrey's weird love letter emails to Estelle, and Edwin feels the need to meddle. Daniel gets a new job as a management consultant which involves 'being a bit of a bastard' and fits in well. Edwin visits Paul's practice dressed in a charity shop suit bearing an uncanny resemblance to an NHS inspector. An utterly confused Pilfrey nears a spectacular mental breakdown as a result of the Slippery family. Rory takes love advice from a friendly homeless man and decides to ask Lucy out.
4 Edwin's questionable rudeberry-based love potion is snaffled by Paul to secrete in Estelle's food, after the boys trick him into believing it works sexual miracles. Edwin is frightened by Woj, the Proek sisters' aggressively cool cousin. Rory and Edwin become annoyed at Daniel, as he coerced Laura getting her bottom tattooed with his name and it becomes infected. Paul dresses in a Burqa to sneak into Estelle's woman-only speech and adopts the persona of tall, exotic beauty Yasmin. Rory flaunts his marvellous empathy and sensitivity and Laura re-evaluates her relationship with Daniel.

After listening in to Estelle's secret phone conversations about a surprise party, Paul is lead to believe Estelle is having affairs with all his friends. A depressed, panicking Paul accidently ends up at an AA meeting after a series of misunderstandings, and is branded a dangerously volatile alcoholic. Pilfrey returns from forced absence and intense counselling and appears a completely new man. Laura and Lucy both dump Rory and Daniel. Rory gets a new obnoxious boss who teams up with Daniel to make cutbacks to Rory's homeless shelter.

Geoffrey Whitehead