Paul Slippery is a 46-year-old Doctor, played by Hugh Laurie in the ITV adaption of a novel by Nigel Williams.


Paul Slippery, played by Hugh Laurie


Paul suffers from deep paranoia and insecurity, especially when it comes to about sex, his wife, his work partner Pilfrey, his wife's lesbian boss Gwendolen, (or 'Gwesbian' and 'Lesdolen' as he absent-mindedly calls her) and his slipping grip on reality. He often panics and has nightmares, usually involving Pilfrey, his business rival, chasing him with a "wet flapping noise". He spends most of his time worrying; either about his sons' ability to start fights due to their obsession with sex; or about the fact he can't remember when him and his wife last had sex; or the fact he has no idea where she works; or that her boss is a lesbian. He has a firm belief that he can hear people's thoughts when he is stressed and finds it difficult to cope with his midlife crisis and his lack of sexual intercourse with his wife.


He loves his sons, with a certain amount of strained affection; he spends most of his time being outwitted by Edwin, being outgunned by Rory in knowledge of female emotions, and being exasperated at Daniel's playboy habits of messing with the two Proek sisters.

His wife, Estelle, frequently baffles him with her sharp businesswoman mind and lack of sex drive. She is a lot more stable than Paul and she is often depressed at his lack of understanding about her work and his lack of consideration for her feelings. However, it is clear that Paul loves Estelle and vice versa; Paul may abuse her emotions on occasion but only because he is too wrapped up in his own confusion.