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Rory Slippery

Rory Slippery is the eldest Slippery son. He is thought to be in his early twenties, he attends the fictional University of Reigate, and is played by Benedict Cumberbatch.


Rory is the kindest and most giving of the Slippery sons. Although he does enjoy pulling the odd joke at the expense of his insecure and paranoid father, he does do his best to help his family members. He shares a special bond with his mother and always puts her feelings over everyone elses.

Handsome and lovable, Rory seems the perfect boyfriend to both Laura and Lucy but sometimes his good nature can be his downfall, as he allows his younger brother to take advantage of it. He is fiercely defensive of the two Slippery girlfriends and sticks up for them, to the dismay of the manly-man Daniel.

He also has a weakness for seafood, particularly luxury varieties.


He has a somewhat difficult relationship with his brother Daniel, after he slept with Rory's then-girlfriend Laura. However, they work through this after Daniel helps him out where Rory works in a charity homeless shelter. They eventually move out together into a lager-filled flat.